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Featured Deviation!

"It couldn't be called fetish art if it doesn't actually linked into Sexual Nature" - Anonymous

Welcome to my page! Literally my entire gallery is focused on Cute and adorable Cartoony/Anime style! If you like my works, why don't you just drop by and watch me? ^u^

But there's a warning: My content may contain Fetishes. If you don't like Fetishes or if you're not interested in fetishes, then it's best you shouldn't look forward to it.

Fetishes may contains Vore, Inflation, Expansion, Stuffing, Weight gain, Diapers, Farting, Giantess, Pregnancy, and various fetishes or mixed up fetishes.

Any other question featuring my art belongs in mature content will be blocked. That is all.

More information? Look at the FAQ widget elsewhere on my page!

Request, Art Trade, Commission, and others

Request: Closed
Art Trade: Open
Commission: On Hold
Collab: Closed

Reminder: Requests are closed. That is all.

Commission pricing

Normal art - 100 :points:
Normal art + shadings - 150 :points:

:new:Character Card - 300 :points:
(700 :points: for shading)

:new:Character Card w/ Fetish - 1300 :points:
(2400 :points: for shading)

Fetish art - 500 :points:
Fetish art + shadings - 1500 :points:

Creature to Anime style: 500 :points:
(900 :points: for shading)

Creature to Anime style w/ Fetish: 1200 :points:
(2000 :points: for shading)

Project Dream Art - 50 :points:
Project Dream Art + Shadings - 80 :points:

Project Dream Fetish art - 200 :points:
Project Dream Fetish art + Shadings - 800 :points:

I can do

Females (Yes, only females)
Panty shot
Mild sexual content/Rated T content
Adorable creatures

I can do (Fetish)

Hyper expansion
Vore (F/M or F/F. Almost every type of vore)
Inflation (Depends)
Blueberry inflation
Weight gain (Terrible at drawing it)
And Mixed fetishes (Ex: Inflation + Pregnancy)

I can't do

Sequences (Depends on what type)
Source image under mature content.
Anything that's mature content proof (Unless if i allow it)
Stretchy characters
Uncomfortable material
Personal Requests, Art trade, Commission
Followed up Request, Art Trade, Commission
One of your all time "Favorite" character (Copyright characters only)

I can't do (Fetish)

Bondage or gagged (Unless if i allow it)
M/M and M/F over Vore (Unless if i allow it)
Giantess (Sorry, but i hate it now.)
Underaged character(s)
Space inflation/Infated at a size of a planet (Depends)
TF (Transformaiton)
Face sitting + Farting
Shapeshifting (Depends)

My fetishes are...

Hyper expansion
Weight gain
And Farting

This list is basically covers all of my I can do (Fetish) list.


Can i draw your character(s)

Yes, you can draw my character(s) whatever you like.

No, you will not use my character(s) under mature content, unless if my permission to let you draw something under mature. I am very upset when there's fetish art that deserves to be under mature, but overall, that picture doesn't seamed to be too explicit. This is why i don't let people draw my character(s) under mature, because this is bullshit right here.

No, you will not use my character(s) for Roleplay purpose. None of my characters(s) are build for roleplay. They are only used for my own Stories.

No, you can't use my character(s) as your own (Example: Alternate Universe).

What Drawing program you used?

Paint.NET and MsPaint. But mostly MsPaint.

You have a Drawing Tablet? Touch tablet? Or a Mouse?

Mouse user here~ ^ ^

Why you post fetishes?

I post fetishes because i want to share the love and affection to the cartoons and movies that inspires me. I normally don't intentionally draw fetishes sexual. I only do it for entertainment purpose. Yes, i know, some are sexual. But it isn't too much of sexual content.

Can you draw Normal art?

Yes, but i have limited thoughts in Normal art then Fetish art. It's just that Fetish art makes me more happier then normal art. But it actually depends.

I could just draw something that's not fetish related, but again, i have little to no suggestion of what i should draw. That's why you see me posting more fetish content then Normal content.

Why you cleaned out your featured list?

So that people who are not into fetishes, won't have to see tons of fetishes in my Featured page. Although, they can still see my entire gallery with the "All" category. Guess there's no way to stop it.

Don't expect me to do tons of normal art.

I want to see you improve, not to just post fetish art 24/7. I want to see you draw something completely different then fetishes.

Rather not. If you're looking forward for me to draw something that you like, besides fetishes, then i am not going to continue to draw normal art 24/7. I am not planning to quit fetish art entirely, or to slow down my fetish art content.

If you don't like my decisions, then it's best you shouldn't looking forward to me or my art.

[Insert questioning about my content belongs to mature]

If any comments related to my fetishes is suppose to be under mature, or any of those stupid repetitive complaints, will be marked as spam/comments hidden or a possible block without hesitation. I really don't want to hear it.

That includes Edgy comments (Cringe or Cancer), Offensive memes, Or just flat out trolling.

I don't mark my content as mature just to show decency on DeviantART. DeviantART isn't a family friendly site, nor it isn't a pornographic site as well. I don't care if people jacks off into my stuff, and no, i do not jacks off into my own stuff as well. As long if i'm happy, and if they're happy, my gallery is fine. As long if it follows the rules.

If my content contains Explicit Discussion, Action, Pose, or the act of the character's facial expression, then i would just make it mature. Otherwise, if it's not, then i won't.

I know what's Sexually explicit and what's not, and not based on people who faps.

Do you have other sites?

I do have a Furaffinity account.
I do have a youtube account, where i post funny videos.
I do have a Twitter account, but i don't use it as much.
And maybe others i forgot.

Would you move into any other sites if you plan to deactivate your account?

I am not planning to move accounts or sites, considering that i am terrible at multitasking. Either way, i couldn't deactivate my DeviantART account because DeviantART didn't send the Deactivation process. I can't really leave this account inactive unlike any other people with inactive accounts.
Otherwise, i continue to stay.

Still don't believe me?
> I linked my Email into my DeviantART account
> I have my correct Email address.
> I know my passwords for my Email address
> I already checked the Spam folder
> And I already checked and search every living folder in my Email account

Can you post your REAL life pictures into your gallery or account?

No, as i am highly uncomfortable and it may bypass my privacy if you do try and force me. Please respect my boundaries and my privacy, because i do not like my face, Body, Voice, or real life location to be shown.

My Non-Fictional personal is the only closest i can get to replicate the real me, and i can't get any further then that.

What does your account name means?

[IndiePerverture] I'm an indie gamer, and i'm a pervert as well. Many people will always point out my name as a pervert, so i guess i'm really proud of myself. xD

[PastelxFeetii] Pastel represents my middle name, as Feetii was suppose to represent "Fetish" or my very first Persona in 2011. However, people mistakes it as as "Feet" instead of Fetish itself.
Originally, the name was suppose to be "PastelxFeetiish", but Feetii was my very first Persona's name, and i don't want people to prejudge me just because my name have "Fetish" in it.
Either way, i do have a lot of personas. No worries, i'm still keeping Ashley. ^u^

Do you have any other accounts?

So far it's PlanetorialButts, where i could post planets with butts. I may be active on that account, if i wanted to take a break posting into my alternate account with a lot of fetishes.

Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Considering that i'm a lesbian, it depends on the relationship. But remember my privacy boundaries, as i like becoming at an internet relationship then real life relationship.

Can i ask you that I love my Crush/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Lover?

I an't showing jealousy, but if you really love your lover, then you shouldn't talk to me and talk to your lover more then me. That includes mentioning your lover in front of me. Because i do get uneasy with people in relationships.

Wait, you're a lesbian right? Then how come you're affectionate with males

Just because i'm a full on female lover, doesn't mean that i HATE or i heavily dislikes male. I think it's wrong to hate on males, because they should deserve more love. But honestly, i prefer females, consider the amount of waifus i have. xD

I'm also trying to get more comfortable with drawing males, so i don't always have to keep on drawing females. But for 5 years of drawing males, i still get uneasy.

Do you roleplay?

This is the most asked question, and yes, i do roleplay. I always prefer roleplaying in notes, so that people can't see what we're roleplaying.

But i do not roleplay if a partner doesn't even co-operate the story with me, and i have to write the story all by myself. Or my partner just hogs all the story, and i couldn't even insert my own story into my partner. Or even worse.

Overall, i do roleplay at times, but i'm not a frequent roleplayer. I'll try and roleplay more frequently like i did in the past. In the past, i was roleplaying like crazy.

Do you do tags?

No, sorry! I never do tags, but it does looks fun though. But i rather pass.

Do you write stories?

Yes, but not as many people pays attention to these. I mean, if they're done reading, they could've just comment for my hard work of writing.

Do you have an animation skill?

Yes, but i'm very limited (50x50 size). I can't go higher then my comfortable picture size. I would go higher then that, but nah.

Do you get depressed?

At times when it comes to being alone, or having insecurities or self doubt.

Are you easily angry?

I sometimes get angry. However, i may have to control my anger from time to time.

Do you asks other people for requests/art trade/commission?

Rarely, but i don't request or commission other people. Considering that i'm a fetish artist myself, i don't want any of my characters (Yes, i will be requesting MY characters, and not canon or mainstream characters.) under mature content without my permission. Because i never liked my character under a mature filter, even if it's just a simple belly picture with no sexualized pose.

Yes, i get it, even clothed people get's a mature content, but only if it matches with explicit suggestive pose, references, behaviors, actions, or speech.

I do not want any restrictions towards my character(s), especially when it comes to my Non-Fictional character (Which is myself digitally). If it have any exceptions or restrictions, i will not going to be happy about the changes, and i mean VERY very unhappy.

If you're aiming for a Rated E or Rated E10 material, go find some other people who doesn't focus on Rated T or up materials, such as panties showing or upskirts.

How come you can't do my request/art trade/commission? (Or R/A/C)

I have a life, and i will be busy at life. I will have limited time to draw your R/A/C, or i just completely forgot about it. Other reasons like i am not interested in it, it's too hard to draw, it's too boring/plain, or it's frustrating to come up with a plan or a pose.

Plus, if too many people ask me for R/A/C, then i would be more confused, and it's hard to keep up.

How am i going to get featured in your "Artists who Draw me or my Fictional persona~" list?

I only accept moderate - High professional artworks. If your work isn't that professional, i won't add yours into the list. Sorry!

Anyways, in order to be in the list, you must Draw Myself/Non-Fictional Persona or My Fictional persona. But the content either should be fetish, or non-fetish, i don't mind.

But remember, i don't like seeing my pictures as mature content, or else it also an't going to be on the list. That same goes to fetishes that makes me uncomfortable (Ex: Foot)

I'm confused at your artwork/Fetishes. Can i talk to you without being bashed by your watchers?

It's best if you could just ask me privately via notes, so that one of my folks won't suddenly attack you. Don't worry, i will be respectful and straightforward against your questioning.

Help! I've been attacked by [Specific person]

It's best if you could just block and report that person, instead of just sending a callout journal to attack that said person. I never take on sides, and i don't want to create more and more drama. You solve it, not me or your watchers.

Can you please unblock [Specific person]

If that person heavily show forgiveness, then i will unblock. Either way, if that said person is doing something that causes me to block that person, or if that person blocks me for the final time, i am not going to show mercy. That's final.

I need help with the bellies!

Here's a tutorial:…

Artists who Draw other then Me or my Persona~



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Do you like Sprites? Or 3D Models? (No both questions, only one) 

72 deviants said Sprites! (Pixelated characters or objects)
41 deviants said 3D Models! (Realistic Characters or objects)

About me and other info

Planets and objects account: PlanetorialButts
Tumblr (NSFW):
Discord: [Same as Deviantart username] #2827

Female | She/Her | Homosexual | 3/7/1995 | Single
March 7th, 1995
Biologically joined in September 2011

Hello, my name is Ashley. I'm just a silly person making weird shit that i love~
About me? Err... There's nothing that you guys should know about me. I only posted Fetishes and Even Non-Fetishes. I'm also just a nice person, but i tend to be shy at times. You'll sometimes see me not talking to you. :c
I have MANY things to do in real life then in the internet. I sometimes be playing games, sometimes trying to attempt drawing while the program doesn't even AGSGASG Crashes on me! Sometimes doing family stuffs, and so on. I am not the type of person to talk to people head on. xD
I can be serious at times. I can be funny sometimes. And i can be pissy. But mostly when i get really serious. But i don't intend to be angry, so don't misunderstood at my words of speech.
I exaggerate the bold text font a lot and also exaggerated the LARGE text at times as well. Please don't be annoyed, as this is my only typing skill~ Oh and squiggly lines are part of my typing skills as well. It use to express my happy emotion, Flirty emotion (Even though, you'll never get a chance to notice. xD), and my confident emotion~ If i didn't use the squiggly lines, i may be any of these emotions, with an exception of Happy, Flirty, and Confident.
My art? Well, my art focusing on all around. It can be sexy, it can be cute (Which 90% of my art is cute), it can be scary as fuck, it can be ANYTHING! It doesn't always have to focus on one thing.
"What's your fetish Ashley?" My fetishes are: Inflation, Hyper expansions, Vore, Weight Gain, Expansion , Diapers, Watersports/Omorashi~❤, Pregnancy, and Farting~ The most fetish i love is Vore and Expansion~ x3
Oh, and i'm a HUGE fan of panties. Trust me, you'll see these in my gallery. xD

My Non-Fictional Persona AKA me and myself:…
My Fictional Persona:…
My Fictional Persona's Suggestive outfit:…

Artists who Draw me or my Fictional persona~

Give some friendly hugs for the artists who drew these wonderful characters! ^3^

Inspired Deviants!

Top featured artist: Lovesome-Stars

Honorable mentions
Flowering-Yaksha, Shoclu, Another diaper artist, pastel-demon, MachineQueen, BlueCatRiolu, Chilly--Willy, DaGoofyGardevoir, and FWAOfficial


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